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Agios Thalelaios

Agios Thalelaios

Agios Thalelaios is a small, picturesque settlement of the Municipality of Naxos, with about 85 permanent residents, who are mainly engaged in agriculture. The village is built at the foot of the hill of Agios Fokas. In front of it stretches a valley with orchards, which are irrigated by wells. It is 5 km from the capital of the island. Its houses are built next to each other with narrow streets without special architecture.

It took its name from the homonymous Agios Thalelaios who is celebrated on May 20. It is not known exactly when the church was built, but on the outer wall, there is an inscription: ΤΟΥ ΔΟΥΛΟΥ ΜΟΝΑΧΟΥ ΗΓΟΥΜΕΝΟΥ ΣΑΓΡΕΔΟC (1501). The monastery of Agios Thalelaios together with the church of Fototodi and Agia are considered some of the oldest monasteries on the island.

From an archaeological point of view, the settlement preserves the ancient aqueduct which transported water from the source of Flerio to Chora. Also, NE of the church it is speculated that in antiquity there was a sanctuary as evidenced by the scattered marbles, many of which have been used to build the church.

Text: Kioulafis Giorgos (Teacher)