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Cultural Association

Cultural Association of Melanes - "Kouros Ellinas"

Εικ 7 Γραφεία ΣυλλόγουThe cultural association was founded in 1995 under the name "Cultural Association of Melanes" - "Kouros Ellinas" and is based in the community of Melanes. The association has a circular seal that bears the above name and in the middle is depicted the archaic Kouros.

The aims of the association are to solve the cultural, economic, and social problems of the villages, to develop the cultural and educational level of the inhabitants, to preserve the traditions and to carry out public works. For the above, the association is active through the organization of various events (dance festivals, theater, film), the publication of information leaflets and cooperation with other associations and municipalities, while at the same time, informs the competent authorities and legal entities about what concerns the community and takes a position on political issues, submitting memoranda, studies and proposals to the respective authorities.

Its resources are the subscriptions and the registration rights of its members, the income from the events, the contributions, donations, bequests, grants and any other legal income. Members of the association can become only those who are from the community of Melanes up to 3rd degree of kinship by at least one parent or spouse from Melanes, as well as those who maintain real estate in the area. All those who are excluded can become 'friends' of the association with equal rights and obligations towards the association, except for voting and being elected.

Εικ 12 Θεατρική παράσταση στη πλατεία των ΜελάνωνThe cultural activity of the association includes the organization of summer festivals with the participation of local artists, the contribution to the custom of Kordelades every Carnival Monday and Tuesday as well as the organization of festivals on the last Sunday of the Carnival. In addition, it maintains a collection of old objects from donations, as well as traditional costumes in a type of folklore museum in its office. It also holds rich audiovisual material from all the cultural events.

Other activities of the association include the participation in the custom of Perifanes, voluntary cleaning and actions for the promotion of the ancient monuments of the village, financial sponsorships in the primary and kindergarten of the village, charities to villagers in financial need, learning traditional dances with classes of all ages, events performances and music concerts and various thematic exhibitions. A big festival is organized every year 1st of May in the area of the ancient quarries. In addition, it organizes excursions and hikes throughout the island, organizes the celebration of Klidon and actively participates in other cultural events of Naxos. Finally, it is an important helper in the organization of the mobile blood donation that takes place in Melanes and has participated in a blood bank for its members. 

On 3/9/2004, a festival took place between the Cultural Association of Melanes, "Kouros Ellinas", with the Cultural Association of the Brotherhood of Asia Minor, Serres, "O AGIOS POLYKARPOS", in the square of Melanes (Agioi Apostoloi). The joined celebration took place in the context of cultural events organized every year by the Municipality of Naxos with the participation of music and dance groups from various parts of Greece.

Source: Diploma thesis of Vilaeti Olgas, Ritual, performance and locality: the ethnographic example of Kordelades in Melanes, Naxos. University of Thessaly 2007

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