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The Village

The village of Melanes is located at a distance of 8 km SE of Naxos Town and at an altitude of 63 m. It is semi-mountainous and is among the oldest settlements of Naxos. Its name possibly came from the black colour that characterizes the soil of the area.

Important monuments in the village of Melanes are the ancient marble quarries with the oversized kouroi in the locations of Flerio and Faraggi. There is an aqueduct in the area, dated in the Archaic and Roman period, which transported water from the area of Flerio to Naxos Town, parts of which are visible at various points along the modern road.

The Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches of Agios Georgios, Panagia Kritommati, Agios Thalaleos, the building complex of Sanoudos in Kampones, the tower of Sanoudos in Kournochori, the watermills, the medieval stone-paved path of Fyroa, the olive press of Ntemari are important monuments of historical and cultural heritage. In addition, another important monument is the Jesuit Building Complex in the area of Kalamitsia, a Venetian building of 1680.

Melanes during the Second World War, together with the surrounding villages, were the agricultural feeders of the mountainous villages of Naxos and mainly of Kinidaros, Keramoti and Koronos. It was one of the first villages of Naxos with a telegraph office.

Remarkable is the green valley of the village, full of fragrant orchards, a green area with terraces that are irrigated with water through natural flow from the spring of Flerio. Oranges, lemons, apricots, pears and sour cherries predominate. In addition, the visitor can follow routes in nature and by the river and enjoy walks in the picturesque alleys of the village. There he will have the opportunity to taste the traditional Naxian food.

The inhabitants are mainly engaged in construction work as well as agriculture and animal husbandry, while they have a great musical and cultural tradition.

Two important customs that can be found in the village are the Kordelades on Halloween and the Perifanes on Good Friday.

The village has a kindergarten, a primary school and a multi-purpose medical clinic. The central church of the village is dedicated to the Holy Apostles.


Melanes is about 8 km from Chora with which it is connected with the provincial road Chora - Kinidaros. They also have road access from the provincial road of Potamia.

Parking is available.

Parking space #1


There is a bus schedule from morning till afternoon.

(2285 022291)