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Church of Panagia Kritomati

Church of Panagia Kritomati

Εικ 2 Ναός Παναγίας ΚριτόματηςThis church is a Byzantine monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The building preserves fragments of its decorative painting. There is also a set of cells on-site.

"Our Lady Kritomati"; with this name, the Virgin Mary is honoured in a chapel built on a hillside, on the left side of the road. The oldest mention of the chapel is made in legal documents of the 17th century.

In another document, dated May 26, 1660, Antonina, wife of Michael Theofilou, dedicates to the church of Agios Tessarakontas "a quarter of a vineyard located on the border of our lady Kritomati". This chapel was part of the monastery of Hozoviotissa on Amorgos, and it was given in 1662 to the Parian priest Gregory Chrysanthopoulos, to resurrect and renovate it.

Today the icon of Panagia Kritomati is kept in the church of Kourounochori. 

Article by Kostas Katsouros, in December 2015 in the magazine "Flea"