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Εικ 1 ΤιτανομαχίαThe mythology of the village is connected with the ancient marble quarries of the area. The protector of the quarries in ancient times was Hercules. Here, however, it seems that the role of protector was given to two twin giants. An inscription, which was found a long time ago in Melanes, mentions an altar (place of worship) of Utos and Efialtis. The ancient tradition said that these two heroes were twins and had supernatural powers. They ended up threatening Zeus with their power, claiming that they would ascend higher than his throne to Olympus, placing one mountain on top of the other and that they would overthrow the order of the world, making the sea dry. Zeus, in order to stop them, sent them to Naxos to find their mother. Their mother was nursing God Dionysos.

In a more popular version of the myth mentioned above, two brothers after a fight for the leadership of Naxos were killed in the area where today stands the Byzantine Church of St. George and their sister or Queen ordered the inhabitants to wear Black Chiton – Melanas Chitos which gave the name to the village Melanes .

Source Text: "Preservation and promotion of the ancient aqueduct of Melanos Naxos, an ancient sanctuary at the springs of Melanes and statues in the ancient quarries of the area". Athens 2010.