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Kourounochori is a village of western Naxos at an altitude of 130-170 meters and has 105 inhabitants. Today Kourounochori belongs to the Municipal Department of Melanes of the Municipality of Naxos and has been characterized since 1988 as a traditional settlement. It is located 8.2 km from Naxos Town. Its sloping ground has been transformed into irrigable and cultivable with elegant terraces.

It is one of the most picturesque villages on the island, with churches and historic buildings. Attention is drawn to the large orchards and flower gardens of traditional houses. In the village, there is also a large stone table that was made at the reception of King Otto and is located next to a large cistern. In the church of the village, the big festival takes place every summer on the day of the Metamorphosis of Sotiros, the 6th of August.

There is also the Venetian Tower in the area, according to historians, a Duke in 1370 (Kokkos) was assassinated by a relative, who took his leadership and built the Tower. According to others, the Tower was built in 1600 at the time when the Ursulines Nuns came to Naxos. The imposing tower stands behind the village church. It is a Venetian three-storey tower. Probably the oldest built on the island during the Venetian occupation.