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Myloi is a small village in western Naxos, built in the green valley of Melanes. Its name comes from the watermills in the area, some of which still retain the "afoukla" that supplied them with water to turn the stone.

Myloi are divided into three parts, the Kato (Down), the Mesi (Middle) and the Ano (Upper) Myloi. Kato Myloi, which is the oldest of the three, has small two-room houses with courtyards, most of which are now abandoned. A cluster of 5-6 two-storey houses of the ‘30s and a whitewashed cobbled street is what is left of the Mesi Myloi, while in Ano Myloi, where most of the few inhabitants of the village live, efforts are made to maintain and renovate several houses.

The route that connects the settlements is beautiful, between orchards, old watermills and trees next to waterfalls. The old houses of the village in combination with the nature that surrounds them create a fairytale atmosphere.